The Cincin Tranmission

Friday again

Realizing My GranPa Zakiar is laying on his motorcycle in terrace, i m rush to the bath room, bathing. haha

Yeah! it was around 9am, iwas done cleaning enntire house but hadnt even washed haha of course iam in my PMS/periode.

GranPa says salaam and directly getting in with no waiting.

He sits and i hear he is startinghold newspaper to read.

As im done with bathing, directly make two cups of tea, put two marquisa DiahDiki`s Pa just bought from Alahan Panjang and a piece of bread in one plate i then go to living room where GranPa is being hooked in reading.

Thought it is Thursday, i open the talk

Me: So, day off GranPa,…

random conversation and talk about the lost of Nek Maktuo

Inyiak: Ketek ari Nid yo!
Me: (random act) hehehe, looking at my fingers,
Inyiak: (seek for something in his pocket) and his hand come out with this ring
Me: (Putting the RIng, try in jari manis kiri, it loose)
Inyiak: Try in right finger
Me: (Putting in left midle finger, it fit! Try to the right jari manis, looses and put in the left middle finger again) Hehe, ndak bisa lapeh doh Nyiak
Inyiak: Hehehe
Me: Dari jari sesiapo se ko Nyiak?
Inyiak: Dari Ama(or APA?) nyo ENek Nid
Me: Imah
Inyiak: iyo! Tu dipakai Imah tu INyiak

GranPa frink the tea then going to Nek Maktuo home saying “pai mancaliak santa, sabalum jum’at” (and at this very moment i am told by my self that it is friday!! hahaha, what a short day night i ve spend without getting out.


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