3 March 2015, 15:.. WIB at Klinik Kerajaan Klang, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia



Bubbled Litle Thing Called LDL

Bakwan Udang
Bakwan Udang


Tepung terigu
Wortel, dicincang
Udang kering kecil
Lobak, dicincang
Daun BAwang, diiris kecil
3 siung bawang merah dan 3 siung juga bawang putih, haluskan

Semua bahan diaduk rata sama air, tambahkan garam halus 1sdt, lalu goreng sampai berwarna keemasan.

Saturday Hour Break with NHK

NHK Documentary

The Origin of Desease
Heart Desease

with Shinji Tamimura

Human suffering for heart desease since ancient time

Ancestor from africa,
We first stand in two feet 7 milion years ago

theres a rhytm inside our body and its created by our heart

The heart beats 100.000time/day

For more

The Cincin Tranmission

Friday again

Realizing My GranPa Zakiar is laying on his motorcycle in terrace, i m rush to the bath room, bathing. haha

Yeah! it was around 9am, iwas done cleaning enntire house but hadnt even washed haha of course iam in my PMS/periode.

GranPa says salaam and directly getting in with no waiting.

He sits and i hear he is startinghold newspaper to read.

As im done with bathing, directly make two cups of tea, put two marquisa DiahDiki`s Pa just bought from Alahan Panjang and a piece of bread in one plate i then go to living room where GranPa is being hooked in reading.

Thought it is Thursday, i open the talk

Me: So, day off GranPa,…

random conversation and talk about the lost of Nek Maktuo

Inyiak: Ketek ari Nid yo!
Me: (random act) hehehe, looking at my fingers,
Inyiak: (seek for something in his pocket) and his hand come out with this ring
Me: (Putting the RIng, try in jari manis kiri, it loose)
Inyiak: Try in right finger
Me: (Putting in left midle finger, it fit! Try to the right jari manis, looses and put in the left middle finger again) Hehe, ndak bisa lapeh doh Nyiak
Inyiak: Hehehe
Me: Dari jari sesiapo se ko Nyiak?
Inyiak: Dari Ama(or APA?) nyo ENek Nid
Me: Imah
Inyiak: iyo! Tu dipakai Imah tu INyiak

GranPa frink the tea then going to Nek Maktuo home saying “pai mancaliak santa, sabalum jum’at” (and at this very moment i am told by my self that it is friday!! hahaha, what a short day night i ve spend without getting out.